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The Business Energy market was de-regulated in the late 90’s. Since this de-regulation Ofgem has received a significant number of complaints in relation to the sales activities and processes carried out by Energy Salespeople.

In the past there have been a number of energy brokers that were able to offer businesses ‘competitive tariffs’ with regards to their electricity supplies, in a number of cases businesses have been mis-sold tariffs that are not cost-effective and in some cases sold an energy tariff that simply does not suit the way in which their business consumes electricity and gas.

Surrey Telecom formed in 2010 with simple aims to remove the confusion often associated with securing competitive business energy pricing and from day one we have always been able to offer our Clients honest, unbiased advice.

With so much negative media and speculation regarding the business energy industry, it can often be difficult to know what to believe. Focus Energy have close working relationships with a number of major energy suppliers meaning we can provide your business with factual and unbiased advice rather than ‘second-hand’ speculation.

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